Meet the Facilitators

RheeaRheea Mukherjee, Co-Founder, received her MFA in Creative Writing from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Ultra Violet, Southern Humanities Review, A Gathering of Tribes, Bengal Lights, Jet Wings International, and CHA: An Asian Literary Magazine. Her previous fiction was a Top 25 Finalist in Glimmer Train's Very Short Fiction Award. Her unpublished collection of stories, In these Cities We Dreamed, was a Semi-Finalist in the Black Lawrence Press, St Larence Book Award, 2011. She has a collection of short stories and is currently working on her first novel. She is a huge fan of Haruki Murakami and generally prefers contemporary writers. She is unabashed in her liking for the cheesier versions of Bollywood movies and has a special place in her heart for the tacky 90s. She refuses to eat anything without raw onion and a good sprinkling of green chili. She also works as a writing and training consultant when not catering to the whims of Nimbu, her pet dog.

Bhumika Anand, Co-Founder,
has a degree in Communicative English and a Masters in English. She has been a lecturer, a Corporate Trainer, Editor, Communications Specialist, Events Coordinator, MC, and an erstwhile manager of online communities for over 11 years.Bhumika Her two passions include writing and teaching. She strongly believes that everyone has a story to tell and most of them, with a little help, can write it well. She is deliberating on sending her work that includes a manuscript of a novel, a few stray short stories, and some poetry out to publishers. She enjoys the workshops too much to actively pursue her own writing. Her ideal social get-together will include, but is not limited to, intellectual discussion that must be interrupted by loud laughter, and a few glasses of white wine. She is a disinterested cook, a terrible singer, and an intermittent blogger who feels very intensely about grammar and punctuation. She is particularly critical of those who use multiple exclamation marks. 

Philip John, Facilitator, is an alumnus of Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad (MICA). He has eleven years of experience in marketing communications. Currently, he is a creative director with a start up advertising agency. He is also a freelance writer and creative consultant. His unpublished book, Two Hearts, deals with family and identity. His short fiction has appeared or is soon to appear in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Bengal Lights, Helter Skelter and Spark. He likes jazz, cinema, comics, twentieth century Americana and cats. He lives in Bangalore. 

Rahul Shingrani, Facilitator, is an engineer and a writer. He has worked in the healthcare industry for ten years, a time spent occasionally on the wordsmithing of inane ruminations. He enjoys the abstract, experimental, and often portentous nature of short fiction. His writings have been published in the Four Quarters magazine, Stupid Bird, and the Abraxas lifestyle magazine. He has participated in writers workshops in both New York and Bangalore. He is a culturally alienated, moon struck believer of intangible dimensions, who has always tried to fit the word ‘juxtapose’ into arbitrary sentences. He also enjoys muted psychedelia, ambient electronica, audio visual art, animated shorts, Bombay, Yo Yo Ma’s rendition of Bach, and walks. He now knows that the world seen in a freefall and from under the seas is different, yet connected.

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